Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 15 - Crawfordsville, Indiana to Greenville, Ohio

The early morning paceline, heading for Greenville, Ohio.

A fast day today. Five of us, Randy, Tim Feldman, Max Hogan, Brad Reid and myself got out in front and kept a good steady pace going all day. We averaged 19.1 over mostly flat, with some rollers and a slight upward trend as we moved into Ohio. Indiana is now the seventh state we have gone through. We got in just after 3p, our earliest time all tour. The mileage was a short 142 miles. We are all planning on an early bedtime tonight.
The wind was not in our face today, mostly a very mild cross wind and, on a couple of legs, actually a bit of a tailwind – something we have not had for a while.

There was a Dairy Queen less than 100 yards from the hotel in Greenville, Ohio, so everyone made a beeline over as soon as they finished.

Lara is on her third tandem partner. Jim wanted another day of rest before the big hills of West Virginia and Lon was eager to get his tandem back on the road. They took their time and finished nicely. Lara will be the first person to complete an Elite Tour on a tandem. This is an amazing accomplishment given the amount of climbing we have done and just the day to day stress of bouncing around on the back of a big bicycle.

Jon, from Liverpool, is back on the road again after being on and off the bike for a few days due to GI issues. Nearly everyone else is chugging along, weariness is taking hold, but persistence and overcoming our aches and sores is still driving all of us. Sore tushs are the number one issue.

Into a small town in Indiana, decked out with Memorial Day flags

Photo opportunities were limited today – not too many sightseeing highlights. Here are some of the riders on the tour.

Jon Batek's attitude has not changed since yesterday

Brad Reid, Illinois rider and one of our support crew

John Newton - Pennsylvania

Lynn Lashley, North Carolina

Len Zawodniak, New Jersey - rejoined us two days ago and is getting his legs reacclimatized

Tracey Becken, Vermont - rider and support crew member


  1. Rob, you guys are doing awesome! Congrats to Lara too, with all expectation she will finish a continuous tandem crossing! Tell her to go easier on her captains...

    All the best,
    George & Barb

  2. Lara's tough on those Captains! Hang in there, your stories are inspiring.

    Nancy led a nice 20miler today!

    Nice MN Randonneuring jersey!

  3. Another fun day. Especially fun to have a larger group, an active recovery pace and an early finish. (I'm at the back of the line in the 2nd photo in my Putney jersey and HPM shorts.) Today, June 1, we were on a beautiful back road in West Virginia and had Tracey with us for a moment -- until the next nice 12% climb where she put a minute on me and Randy in the space of about 1/4 mile! But the climbs are great as I can get my lower back to unclench for a while. ~Foon